Frequently Asked Questions

What is the treatment like?
- A daily routine is in order with various therapeutic duties and group therapy as well as individual therapy sessions. These activities are in place to help you develop a routine which has been found to be most beneficial and helpful to recovery.

How long does the treatment last for?
- Treatment usually lasts for a minimum of six weeks. The length of treatment is always individualized and developed for each individual.

Will the treatment work?
- That is up to you. So long as you want it badly enough and give your full cooperation and trust to the centre and the program of recovery there is no reason why treatment shouldn’t work for you.

Study reports shows that your chances increase if you complete treatment.

Do you treat both alcohol and drug problems together?
- Yes

Will I have my own personal counselor?
- You will be assigned a counselor who is also a case manager.

Will I have to involve my family?
- Your family or anyone else in your life will only be involved if you want them to be. Each and every case is different and in most cases (not all) this can be extremely helpful to you, your recovery and also to them.

It will be more helpful to you if your family understands your illness. They may also be suffering in their own way and need help for themselves which we can offer in our family counseling sessions. Involving the family tends to improve the chances of good outcomes for most people.


Are my details kept in confidentiality?
- At Crossroads Center of South Florida your personal details will only be available to staff within the centre who need to know them to be able to help you. We will always obtain your written, signed consent before passing information on to anyone else.

What is group therapy?
- Therapy groups are kept to a maximum of twelve people. People will be at all stages of their treatment, some just starting and others nearing the end of it. During therapy sessions we try to help groups develop a level of trust this allows people to speak truthfully and honestly about their situation, keeping calm and allowing others to listen and relate.

Is it religious?
- Crossroads Center of South Florida is open to people of all faiths and to those who have no religious faith. Our program is based on a spiritual concept not a religious one.

Are the staff recovering addicts or alcoholics?

- Some of the staff are recovering people and some are not. We like to keep a balance and it is up to the individual staff member if they wish to reveal this information.

What should I bring with me?
- Casual clothing including items for exercise and swimming including a beach towel, washing accessories and prescribed medication, along with a current doctor's prescription.

We also offer a whole range of therapeutic materials will be available for you to read and there will be assignments which will keep you occupied.

What about exercise?
- We have an exercise plan including yoga, swimming, gym and other activities.

What will the other clients be like?
- Clients will be from varying backgrounds, both male and female, from 18-80+, from all walks of life and may come from different countries.

How do I get to Crossroads Center of South Florida?
- We can arrange flights for you should you be coming from abroad or if you have made your own travel arrangements, we will arrange for pick up from the airport.

What happens when I leave?
- At the end of your treatment your counselor will arrange for after car
e and we will strongly encourage you to attend AA or NA meetings regularly which we will already have introduced you to.

Is Crossroads the right place for me?

- Crossroads Center of South Florida specializes in providing treatment to individuals with simultaneous occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders; otherwise known as co-occurring disorders. Chemical abuse disorders and mental health disorders can be viewed as occurring along a continuum from mild to severe. Crossroads Center of South Florida treats disorders that fall along the entire continuum.



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