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Make yourself at home and discover how our recovery program can help change your life.

Taking a step back from our usual environment is sometimes just what is needed for us to be able to see clearly the things which are causing us to use alcohol or drugs to excess.

Crossroads Center of South Florida is the perfect place for you to unwind and relax in a safe, secure setting. Stressful day to day situations and decisions are taken away leaving you free to get perspective back in your life. Here at Crossroads Center of South Florida we encourage care of mind, body and spirit as our program reflects.

Therapy sessions helps us to heal our mind and emotions and our spa, gym, yoga and long beach walk sessions look after the body and spirit.

Here we learn to look inside ourselves through Crossroads Center of South Floridaís enlightening program so you can return home relaxed, tanned, informed and ready to start afresh.


"Feelings of relief, calm and safety wash over you on entering Crossroads Center of South Florida". These are some of the expressions used by people upon their arrival. The centre evokes feelings of warmth and security.


Our facility is located in a quiet residential area away from the city and an air of tranquility and peace pervades within the surroundings of Crossroads Center of South Florida. We are blessed with an abundance of sunshine throughout the year here in the Sunshine State.


Two roads diverged in a wood, and Ió

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.


Crossroads Center of South Florida provides qualified and compassionate addiction treatment staff to clients 24 hours a day to begin the addiction treatment recovery process.


The location is idyllic, allowing clients to fully focus on their recovery.




When your primary language is Spanish, itís important to be communicated with in Spanish.  Studies show better outcomes for patients who are treated using their first language.  Thatís why Crossroads Center of South Florida offers a program specifically for Spanish-speaking patients.


All of the treatment options are available with staff members who communicate with patients in Spanish. 


Therapy sessions also are conducted in Spanish.  This helps the patient feel more comfortable and allows our staff to also address the cultural needs of the patient.

We understand that family is extremely important in Hispanic cultures, and every stage of treatment in the Spanish program involves the family to the extent the patient desires. We help families build a solid support system through therapy and education.


If you or a loved one grew up in a Spanish-speaking home and want to take the first step to recovering from alcoholism or drug abuse, call us.  Our Spanish-speaking addiction treatment professionals are ready to talk with you to determine the best treatment options.


Here at Crossroads Center of South Florida we maintain an atmosphere that has been meticulously honed to support drug and alcohol addiction recovery.

At Crossroads Center of South Florida our focus is to offer our clients all that they will need to truly combat their addictions.

If you or a loved one need assistance, please call us at any time. An admissions professional will discuss the challenges facing you or your loved one and help decide the best course of action. As always, all information is kept confidential, and we gladly accommodate wishes for further contact.


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